What Is a Renault Horsebox?

Horses are truly amazing animals. They have a wide variety of uses and whether your horses are hard workers or wonderful pets, they are spectacular. They can be presented in beauty contests, competed with on racetracks, used as a workhorse, and much more. For some people, horses are even loyal pets and cared for as if they were family. The sport of horseback riding has also become an Olympic event.

With all these uses for a horse, many horse owners want the best care possible for their equines. They will invest in large swaths of land, stables, and lots of products to ensure that the horse is in the best condition. However, when it comes time for the horse to be put to use, you’re going to have to find a way to transport it. This is where horseboxes come in.

What Is a Horsebox?

A Renault horsebox in Berkshire is a specific kind of vehicle used to transport horses. Since horses can’t fit in standard methods of transportation, they require special transportation when they need to be moved. As horses are living creatures, they need proper ventilation. Horseboxes are designed to have openings at a height that suits the horse. A horsebox also needs to be able to support the weight of a horse, which averages about 500kg depending on the breed, as well as have support for the horse to be able to move around in.

Horseboxes will also have specialised suspension systems to provide the horse with a smooth ride so that it can remain calm. A panicking horse can be very destructive and distracting, which is not optimal when you are transporting it on a busy road. Horseboxes will also have a connection to the horse itself as required by the law, called a groom’s door. This offers a passenger the chance to be able to check on the horse during long drives to make sure that the horse is comfortable and relaxed.

Who Can Benefit From a Horsebox?

Typically, horses that are being transported are going to run in a race or compete in a beauty show. This means that the horse needs to arrive in the best condition possible or it runs the risk of losing. The process of being transported can be terrifying for the horse, causing it to panic. Horseboxes are made with this in mind and are designed in such a way to maximise the comfort of the horse. Windows and vents are often provided in a horsebox as well. Some horseboxes offer some living arrangements. This means that on a particularly long journey, you can relax so that you can be in top condition as well. Groom’s doors are an important addition as well so that a passenger can check on the horse at regular intervals to gauge the horse’s health and condition.

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