NCWC Inc. Extended Services Contract; Your Trusted Extended Warranty Experts

Most car owners will tell you that taking an extended warranty plan for your automobile is no longer a choice but a necessity. NCWC Inc. is a well-known company in the field of extended auto warranty service plans. The company gives car owners a broad selection of service plans to choose from, and for this reason, the firm has won multiple accolades including the top vehicle service contract provider in 2017.

NCWC Inc extended service contract

Despite the rise in popularity of used cars, people are still cautious about purchasing pre-owned vehicles due to the high risk of future complications. Luckily, extended auto warranty plans are meant to alleviate any concerns that a car owner may have when operating their new or used vehicle. Subscribing to NCWC Inc.’s extended auto warranty implies that the company will bear all the unexpected costs if your vehicle breaks down. These warranty contracts are similar to long-term investments where the consumer enjoys comprehensive coverage while making low monthly payments.

Comprehensive auto protection plans

Though the manufacturer’s warranties provide sufficient protection to new cars, they are usually limited to a few years. Extended warranty plans are designed for people who intend to keep using their automobile even after their manufacturer warranty term expires. NCWC Inc. offers a wide range of warranty coverage options that sufficiently meet the needs and budget of any car owner. Some of their most common coverage options include the select coverage plan, enhanced powertrain and the engine coverage package.

The select coverage plan offers protection for the engine, transmission, turbocharger, and other vital car parts. With this plan, car owners no longer have to incur out of pocket expense for vehicle repairs. This plan is ideal for new car owners. The engine coverage plan is best suited for high-mileage car owners. This plan provides sufficient cover against damage to engine parts. Finally, the powertrain enhanced is the most comprehensive auto plan NCWC offers. It covers all parts of a vehicle that are at high risk and costly to repair such as the engine, transmission, and axles.

Additional benefits

Clients who choose NCWC Inc. also stand to enjoy additional benefits regardless of the auto plan they select. For instance, with NCWC, there’s no limit to the number of claims a car owner can make over the duration of their contract. Secondly, their coverage plans are freely transferable which gives car owners a considerable advantage when selling their vehicles.

Roadside assistance is another service offered by the company. It covers any expense that related to tire replacement, emergency fuel delivery, towing and engine jump starts. Professional locksmith services are also available if you accidentally lock in your car keys. Their trip interruption program will cover your meals and lodging when your car breaks down while you are out of town.

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