Importance of Customer Experience for Car Dealerships

It is a widely accepted fact that customer care is important for any business. This is also true for auto dealerships according to surveys that provide insights on buyer’s views on dealerships.

Customer care may the one single factor that can make or break a dealership. 59% of respondents of one survey done by sales fuel, said the reputation of a dealership is an important consideration before they can commit to by a new vehicle.  Here are a number of reasons why auto dealers need to pay a lot of attention to customer service.

Importance of Customer Experience

Close to half of all customers want to visit business premises where the employees are friendly and helpful. According to the survey, many of them stated that they are willing to pay more in auto dealerships where they feel they are getting value through the buying experience.

For staff to be friendly and helpful it is important for these businesses to manage them effectively. At United Nissan and Tustin Nissan owned by Don Forman, customer traffic and inventories are tracked. The staff is organized into teams and oriented according to the data and metrics collected; to ensure that every customer who walks through the door has an exceptional experience.

Customer Care and the Selection Process

Another important factor that dealerships need to focus on is the selection of vehicles. 51% of respondents said that the selection of vehicles was one of the most important considerations they make before choosing an auto dealer.

Therefore, auto dealers not only need to ensure they have a wide selection of vehicles, but also knowledgeable staff that can provide useful information. Many buyers do research online before they go shopping for a new car. Customer care representatives need to have all the relevant information about all the cars in order to inspire the confidence of potential buyers.

Dealing and Negotiating

10% of potential buyers would buy from a particular dealership if it had the right price and model. However, a fifth of potential buyers would rather choose another business if the customer experience is not right and even if it was more expensive.

The surveys suggest that customer care is much more important for most customers than a good model and price. Dealerships like United Nissan owned by Don Forman have developed an efficient system that provides the highest level of customer experience, a wide selection of used and new vehicles as well as options that guarantee the best value for money.

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