Everything You Need To Know About Mercedes AMG

Every brand has its own philosophy and attitude that is responsible for driving it to success. Mercedes also has its own vision, character, attitude and adjustment towards attaining supreme position in automobile industry.  Mercedes AMG won the legendary “24 Hours of Spa” race in the year 1971.

This made all the three letters A, M and G well-known all across the world. It is the determination and undying courage of the founders that successfully conquered adversities and made this brand successful. Today, this brand is among the top performers in the automobile industry.

What was the idea behind naming the model as “AMG”?

Mercedes Benz came with a remarkable introduction of AMG vehicles in its lineup. This three- letter word in AMG Mercedes stands for:

  • A: “the visionary Aufrecht” that who continuously drove the firm forward
  • M: the technical expert Melcher, who invented solutions for the most complicated challenges and,
  • G: Großaspach is the birthplace of Hans Werner Aufrecht


One of the great ways to reveal the character of Mercedes Benz is the cleanliness it maintains at the workplace.  Whether it is garage or showroom, you would be impressed to see their special attitude. This is the spirit of Mercedes AMG. This is the attribute that distinguishes Mercedes AMG from other brands on the market.


The spirit of Mercedes AMG unfolds in the 4 dimensions of the entire development process of the vehicle. This is driving dynamics, drive systems, design and sound. The desire to continuously challenge the status quo in search of new ambitions is apparent in all-around approach to the development of vehicle.

Each and every model of Mercedes AMG is built in its entireness in Affalterbach. The seamless coordination and matching of all its components lead to a vehicle that is not just a pleasure to ride on the road but also to proclaim itself on the race track.

The superior technologies of AMG enable an exhaustive driving experience that is in accordance to the people’s taste. More than 1,500 employees who work in the area of development, contribute to the core competencies to deliver an exceptional performance.

Drive Systems

What forms the core of the drive system of the AMG, is its engine. It takes the accurate interplay between transmission, clutch, drivetrain and drives shaft to apply the power of engine to the road.


Mercedes has its own history that transformed it from an entrepreneur brand to the most successful and revolutionary brand in the automobile industry.  With consistent hard work and determination, it has got several awards in its name.

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