Compare Mercedes Benz GLE 350 and Lexus GX 460

Mercedes Benz had already built a reputation for innovation in terms of performance and safety years before Japanese auto manufacturer launched Lexus in 1989. However, since then both have become top competitors of luxury segment.

Mercedes Benz GLE 350 vs. Lexus GX 460

If you are in the market for high end coupe, SUV or sedan then the legacy Mercedes Benz has created outweighs Lexus far beyond. Let’s take a look at what Mercedes Benz GLE 350 and Lexus GX 460 in the luxury SUV segment have to offer.

Lexus SUV is less expensive than Mercedes Benz. However, price should not be a decisive factor. Buyers looking to get most value from their purchase need to overlook price difference between GLE 350 and Lexus GX 460. The former is costly but offers better fuel economy, more horsepower, large cargo space, and high towing capacity in comparison. Drivers gain clear advantage in each areas with Mercedes Benz GLE, so is a popular star model.

Advanced safety systems in Mercedes-Benz

The revolutionary PreSafe system designed to avoid collision. Drivers are equipped with technology designed to identify collision and adjust seatbelts, and brakes prior the concealed occurs. PreSafe system got introduced in 2002 and over the past decade it has been refined. On the other hand, Lexus is still in its upgrading phase and rolling their adaptive driver aids system.

From passive features like advanced airbags and high strength uni-body to active systems like Brake Assist and tire monitoring GLE provides protection on every level. The other safety features are active high-beam assist, rain-sensing windshield wipers, rearview camera, DISTRONIC [distance pilot], and more.

In 2010, Mercedes Benz manufacturers also pioneered ATTENTION ASSIST technology. More than 70 aspects related to driver behavior behind the steering wheel is measured in few minutes. The system identifies that the driver is drowsy and alerts him/her to take a break.

Mercedes Benz innovations are not limited to only safety. In terms of performance and power Mercedes Benz affiliated with AMG, so as to deliver most remarkably modified luxury performance models. AMG models include hand-built engines, specially developed gearboxes, and advanced handling & suspension. Refinement levels are well maintained, which excite consumers, who always expect more from Mercedes Benz. Alternatively, Lexus has still to offer advanced performance and refinement to its overwhelming lineup.

Engine specs and output

Mercedes Benz GLE 350 has 3.5L V6 engine offering 302-hp with 273 lb-ft torque, while Lexus GX 460 has 4.6L V8 engine with crushing 301-hp with 329 lb-ft torque. Mercedes Benz SUV is high tech, capable, and adventurous, which has set an expectation level, since it was launched two decades ago.

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