Children Will Drive the Growth of Reputation Management Services

Reputation management services are necessary for adults living in a world where a quick Google search is at the tip of their fingertips, but what about teenagers and children? Studies have found that children are aware of their reputation as early as five years old. This goes to show that caring about your reputation is imbedded in one’s upbringing, evidently making the work that some of the best online reputation management companies administer a vital industry moving forward.

Children have begun to manage their impressions of others’ reputations at the ripe age of five years old, even understanding the basic concepts that maintaining a great reputation requires speaking more about one’s successes versus their failures. This is exactly what the work of reputation management services consists of—just extended from the kindergarten classroom to a digital landscape.

The children that were studied in the research theses by students from the Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania University and the University of Chicago shows that they will go through extreme lengths to change their interactions with others based on how they view the other party’s reputation. When observing the trait of generosity, children were always the most generous with others when they knew they were being watched. They thus demonstrate the need to showcase their positive traits to others in order to strengthen their reputation. They’ll also be extremely generous with people who are a part of their social group versus someone they don’t know or know that they will never meet again.

A nursery room did a test where the teacher told several children that their reputation was bright and strong in the eyes of their other peers, in which the teacher reported less cheating When someone is aware of another individual who is trying to harm someone’s reputation, the child automatically has bad thoughts associated to that individual. Everyone is trying to protect their reputation, and as these young kids grow up in the digital world, the need for reputation management services will only continue to harvest.

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