Bongs For Cheap Shoppers

Many people hear the word ‘cheap’ when used to describe someone as having pretty negative connotations. Despite that being very possible, it isn’t always true. There’s nothing wrong with being a cheap shopper in the sense that you’re always looking out with a hawk eye for the lowest price on anything you need. Whatever the reason is, whether it’s because money is tight, or you’re trying to save up for something, or it’s just in your nature even, being cheap isn’t necessarily a fault. It can be the difference between being able to travel somewhere exotic instead of buying a fancy Ipad. That’s why this articles going to bring some bongs for cheap shoppers into the spotlight for you.

Mini Borosilicate Glass Bong

For just 15$ you just can’t find more value than you get from this little beauty. True borosilicate glass is the best kind of glass for a bong and it isn’t always easy to find, but thanks to the internet you can get this munchkin of a bong shipped discreetly to you from the shop on Yes, it’s really tiny, more of waterpipe really, but it’s sturdy. You can be sure this piece can take a knock or two, but obviously do you best to be careful with it. It won’t give you the smoothest hits but it’s cheap as hell and will actually last, plus it’s pretty cute.

Basil Bush Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong

40$ might be double what some people would be willing to pay for a bong, but this looks and performs pretty damn well compared to most bongs for cheap prices like this. It features all kinds of wonderful things that people like to see in bongs including an ash catcher so it stays clean way longer, a super deep bowl for massive bowls to pass around with friends, and good old classic ice notches for some added cooling in your sessions. At 40$ there’s really nothing not to love about this badass piece of glass.

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