6 Signals That Show Your Auto Transmission Repair Is Needed

The transmission is a complicated component of a vehicle. Whether your transmission is manual or automatic, you need to maintain its good condition through regular service and fluid changes. Also, knowing when to have it repaired can make the job more manageable and less costly.

Below are the signs that your auto transmission needs repair.

Fluid Leaks

The transmission fluid of your vehicle should not leak. But, when it does, this means that your vehicle needs attention. When a leak happens, it indicates there is a gap somewhere in the transmission, a loose transmission pain, or worn seals. If the leaking fluid is brown, bright red, or dark red, this may mean your transmission has malfunctioned. Have the leak corrected right away to avoid costly repairs.

The Transmission is Slipping

Your transmission must be routinely and properly maintained to perform well and serve your vehicle for the longest possible time. In case it is slipping in and out of gear, particularly when you climb or descend hills, consider auto transmission repair.

Grinding or Shaking Sounds

When you change gears and you hear a grinding or sharking sound this can be a sign of a worn clutch or other problems.  Also, if you hear any unusual noise when your car is in neutral, your transmission may have a problem. If you experience this, get your car checked as soon as possible.

Issues with Shifting Gear

Because the gears of your vehicle are an important part of the transmission, abnormalities with shifting gears can signify your transmission needs repair. If you have this problem, you may shift gear unexpectedly, experience hesitation when you put your vehicle into gear or fall out of gear while you drive your vehicle.

Burning Smell

Generally, any kind of burning smell that comes from your vehicle should not be ignored. That burning smell could be caused by a low or overheated transmission fluid. This kind of problem can be corrected by repairing the leak or changing or flushing the transmission fluid.

The Check Engine Light is On

Although the check engine light can mean other issues, this could indicate a transmission problem is brewing. This light is connected to the engine’s sensors, allowing it detect vibrations and issues.  If this light is on, take your vehicle to a mechanic.

Keep in mind that even a small issue with your auto transmission could turn into a major breakdown when ignored. Once you notice any of the following signs, take your car to the nearest car workshop for a checkup. The technicians should have a keen eye for transmission issues.

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